Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Under Construction but Welcome!

Hello all and WELCOME!

If you have somehow stumbled upon this blog. GREAT! and WOW! That was super quick. I am still working on the blog layout and a few pics that I need to put together so do bear with me here. I will be working on some content this week and will hopefully keep you interested and hungry for MORE.

BUT first, let me introduce myself. HELLO! I'm Grace, and I am sister to Aloysius and Sherman- my two big bros. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, and I love fashion. Well, I just like to dress-up and having grown up with two brothers, and been married to my hubby (too a long time), I'd like to think I know what works and what doesn't on boys (oops) I mean MEN. :)

As each post comes up, I'm sure you'll be able to distinguish who has written the post. I write in quite a non-sensical way, and I am prettier! lol Anyway Al will be the all intelligent one and Sherman  will be the tick tock of the clock. So that's good for you because you'll get my 'bimbo' point of view, as well as, one that will be intellectually stimulating. (You can see who the clown is and who is the SRS one...hehehe)

Do bookmark us, and let us take you on the bandwagon of Men's fashion...
 Wear Show and Tell. 


  1. Be prepared to be sued by Howie for the domain name that you choose! lol us real men fashion!

    Michael Aulia

  2. Lyon, WHY you so mean?? I asked WAY WAY ages.. I asked Howie if he minded, and he said it was cool with it :P