Thursday, November 12, 2009

What SHAPE are you?

OK boys, *cough* sorry MEN. Did you know men have body types too? It is easy for us to think straight-away about women and their body shapes i.e hour-glass, pear shaped, altheletic...etc... BUT men too have shape, and dressing the right way is to know what shape you are. DRESSING WELL 101.

Typically, there are 5 mens body shapes. Read the descriptions and decide upon what shape you are.

1) Mesomorphic - HAH! BIG WORD, for Athletic or muscleman. You're probably a big envy for many people because you have broad shoulders, smallish waist, and that typical 'triangle shape' that is considered physically attractive (according to wiki - hahaha like my resource?)

2)Tall - Um... I'm asian, so this is a little hard to say what is tall considering, everyone is TALL to me. ANYWAY, lets say that if you are taller than 6". Your body type is TALL.

3) Short - opposite to tall (wow! real insight...), yeh I would say short is shorter than 5"5.

4) Big Boned - This is the nice word for fat, but I like plump. You're alittle more rounded around the waist and your chest to waist ration would generally be around the same.

5) Slim - Ectomorph (ANOTHER big word). This type would be a person with a relatively small frame.

Ok, I was told that men like things to be simple so to make things alittle bit more confusing, I have to add that MOST men would fall into TWO of these catergories.
i.e Michael Jordan is classified as Tall and also mesomorphic...

Michael Jordan

Homer Simpson is probably Bigboned and close to being considered Short. Hope you get what I mean.

SO?? What shape are you? It is the very first step into dressing well, so be honest. May as well, it's YOUR body. Good thing is WHATEVER shape you are, we'll make you look good at...

...wear, show and tell...

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